Singaporeans only miss their food when they can’t have it.

There is anecdotal evidence that will support this claim: SMU students would always complain about the lack of food variety we have in campus.

When my friends Nicole and Daphne returned from their exchange at Copenhagen, the three of us met up in school. The both of them told me at different instances that they missed the food at our campus’ Kopitiam. Hah!

My other friend Xiao Min confirmed my observation as well. Ever since our trip to New York City last December, she hasn’t been back to school often. So when we met up at Kopitiam today, she too commented that she missed the food! She found her craving rather queer, but soon dismissed it and headed to the Teppanyaki Stall for her “Fried chicken with rice wrapped in omelette”. Let’s bid Xiao Min goodbye as she will be leaving for her exchange to France in just over a week. *waves*


I too am a guilty goat. I missed the food in Singapore so much while I was in New York City that I kept running to Chinatown for Asian food! My favourite and most recommended place would be Nyonya. I beg you to try their prawn noodle soup, even my professor recommends it.


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4 Responses to “Singaporeans only miss their food when they can’t have it.”

  1. Samuel Says:

    Wow! This site looks amazing! Here’s to many more great blog entries… cheers!

  2. amsiewong Says:

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Keep coming…

  3. xm Says:

    wheeee u’ve inspired me to consider starting a travelblog to write down stuff i’m passionate abt toooo aka travelling and all the stuff that comes with travelling, including FOOD!!! hahhaa i want my teppanyaki again, ship some over to france, won’t ya? =P

  4. amsiewong Says:

    xm: Please do write a travel blog! But be home once in awhile to update it all right, party animal! 😉

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