Bee Cheng Hiang BBQ Bacon Strips.

My uncle Ah Yip so kindly bought my family the most delicious BBQ bacon strips from Bee Cheng Hiang just two days ago, now it is already almost finished. We ate it with porridge, fried beehoon or just as a snack. I could also eat it with bread and instant noodles! Yum-O. And when I heard of how much it had cost my uncle, I treasured each bite even more (half a kilogram for S$68).


 In this case, resistance is indeed futile. I am overlooking all the calories in these beautiful strips that are just screaming to be eaten.


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2 Responses to “Bee Cheng Hiang BBQ Bacon Strips.”

  1. lovelyloey Says:

    Oh my, those look good.
    But it’s so expensive! Costs 3 times the price of bah kwa! (Since bah kwa is about 50+ per kg now.)

  2. amsiewong Says:

    Yes it is so delicious, sigh. It seems that perhaps the scarcity principle comes into play here. The more expensive this small 1/2 kilogram portion is, the more desired and delicious it becomes. You reckon?

    p/s: I love bah kwa too! slurp.

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