The evolution of my cupcake designs.

I love baking cupcakes. It is so fun to decorate and it really allows me to get creative. Cupcakes are appropriate for many occasions too. I spot it at weddings, birthday parties and even at corporate events. It is also almost mess-free as I do not have to wash the cake tin as thorough, as compared to baking a whole cake.

Here’s how my cupcake designs vary from the year 2006 till now. I hope to give you bakers some inspiration.

A single mini-chocolate cupcake, lightly dusted with icing sugar. The recipe book behind is one of my favourite baking books.

Double chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge. A real delightful overdose of chocolate. These were baked for my church friends.

Mini-peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate fudge. This is one of my personal favourites.

My friends C and El came over to my place for a baking session one day and we got really creative. It was a lot of fun. We used pink icing with marshmallows and chocolate chips. We made faces, flowers and somewhere in that photo lies an old man.

These chocolate cupcakes with colourful beaded sugars were for a Director friend on his big night at an SMU play.

This garden-themed birthday cake was for my friend’s birthday party. C, El and I had crazy fun decorating this cake. It took us more than half a day. There were flowers, soil, grass, bees, butterflies, clouds, the sky and a rainbow found in this cupcake creation.

I hope to bake more soon, probably after Chinese New Year.

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10 Responses to “The evolution of my cupcake designs.”

  1. Daryl Tay Says:

    This is really coincidental. Just today four of my friends were having a discussion is cupcakes are going to be the “next big thing”. We have a bet that’s going to run till June, and the losers have to buy the winners cupcakes!

  2. jacquelinechang Says:

    Bakebakebake cupcakes and bring to school and share! (: They all look so yummy.

  3. amsiewong Says:

    Daryl: How are you all going to evaluate cupcakes being the next big thing, or not? So what’s your stand on it? heh.

    Jac: Okay I’ll really tryyyyy my utmost best. 😀 You must finish it all up!

  4. jacquelinechang Says:

    Yes I’ll definitely eat (:

  5. jeena Says:

    I can not believe how lucky all your friends must be having you bake all these pretty tasty looking cakes for them. You really do make your cupcakes look lovely with all the different toppings. 🙂

  6. Bruce Says:

    Looking at your photos. All i can say is


    I demand that same box with my name written in icing too!!!

  7. indaycarling33 Says:

    those look delicious! love the designs 🙂

  8. amsiewong Says:

    jeena: Thank you for the kind words. 😀 Those muffins on your blog looks delicious too. I wish for blueberries to be cheaper in Singapore so I could use them more often in my baking.

    Bruce: 😉 heh.

    indaycarling33: Thank you for the complement! 🙂

  9. amanda ling Says:

    i also want to eat …!!!!

  10. amsiewong Says:

    amanda: soon soon! 🙂

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