Home Made Bentos.

Source: Bento Boy Here Post

During my summer job in 2007, I was bento-crazed for a little while. I did not venture far into decorating my bento meals. However I was so into a ‘balanced diet’ that I always had at least one serving of fruit in my bento-meals. Sometimes I would top up these meals with something nice from the canteen where I was working. In addition, I would eat these meals throughout the day and not at one go. Yes, I was a health freak once.

Example 1: I made spaghetti, fried vegetables and a ham sandwich between slices of wholemeal bread. There was also a serving of watermelon.

Example 2: I packed a banana, mango jelly, fresh longan, a ham sandwich with lettuce and some fried potato wedges from one of the canteen stalls.

If you’re interested in reading more about bentos, here are 3 sites to start you off:
1. Cooking Cute (Although not recently updated, the designs here are pretty neat)
2. Lunch in a Box
3. Bento Yum

If I were to be crazy about bentos again, I’ll be sure to get myself one of these from Plastica.

Here’s a photo from Bento Business, it is so inspirational. Gosh, all that patience just to decorate food, this is what I call food art. Perhaps, it is mostly women who are capable of such an art. 😉


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13 Responses to “Home Made Bentos.”

  1. Daryl Tay Says:

    I will love you forever if you make me one!

  2. amsiewong Says:

    Wah, ask your girlfriend to make it for you!

  3. Cakespy Says:

    Ooh, I love it all! These plastica cases are great too. I am going to tell Mr. Cakespy to make me a bento box!

  4. Karen Says:

    I love bentos!!! but i can’t find those nice-looking bento boxes and thus am doing it with normal lock&lock lunch-boxes.. 😦 the cute ones (read: hello kitty) ain’t suitable for microwave heating.. and those at daiso doesn’t seem to be leak-proof.. Amsie, any idea where to get nice and value-for-money bentos?

  5. Karen Says:

    Sorry to spam.. ams’ post led me to google abt bento boxes and found the following link for kawaii/pretty bento boxes and accessories from ebay! for all interested parties!


  6. amsiewong Says:

    Cakespy: Awww that’s so sweet. 🙂

    Karen: Wow those are some real traditional bento boxes, thank you! I bought mine at Mustafa Shopping Centre, nothing too special but not too shabby as well. 😀

  7. vinnythemarv Says:

    Well, I believe there should be microwavable “Hello Kitty” bentoes. I am sure the smart Japanese people would have done something about it. Check The Sanrio stores or Major Japanese Departmental Stores.

  8. amsiewong Says:

    vinnythemarv: Thank you for the comment. I love your site, what are some essential tips for food photography? I’ll be attending one lesson in school this friday, am looking forward to it.

  9. vinnythemarv Says:

    Hi Amsie,

    I am glad you like the pictures. =)

    I am sure you will agree that some times, it gets really troublesome when the restaurant has dim lightings. So when taking photos under such circumstances, the most important thing would be stability. Find a position where you can rest your hand or camera to help you get that stability to get that shot you want. As for composition, there’s no hard and fast rule, it’s up to your own interpretation. Have fun at the SMUSIAC course, I am sure you will pick up more tips there as well!

  10. amsiewong Says:

    vinnythemarv: Hey, you’re from SMU! What’s your name, I can’t seem to find it on your website? 🙂

  11. vinnythemarv Says:

    hahaha…Yes, i am from smu and I am in your social Media class!! My name…it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? No??? Just flip my nick around….or you can just look at the website name again.=p

  12. Anna lafatina (little Fairy) Says:

    I love bentos!! And I love ry Much konniyaku gelatine (in teh photo with green bag)!!
    Sorry for my english but i’m italian and I found your site looking for photos of bento.

  13. amsiewong Says:

    Anna: Wow aren’t italians the best cooks around? 🙂

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