My Grandparents’ Nam Seng Noodles & Fried Rice Stall.

I am so proud of my grandma and late grandpa for many reasons. One of the reasons is their Nam Seng Noodles & Fried Rice food stall that has been around for almost 40 years. They cook and sell delicious Chinese Fried Rice, Wanton Mee, Venison (deer meat) Hor Fun, etc. See a photo of their food menu below.

Numerous locations

This is their most current address, as seen in the photo above. Their first stall location (which made them famous) was at a hawker centre which was formerly beside Singapore’s Stamford Road National Library. The gorgeous old library is now demolished, which is a huge waste!

My grandparents moved to 33 Pekin St, Far East Square Food Meseum after that. They then moved again to Market Street briefly, and now they are operating at 25 China Street, #01-01 Far East Square. It is along the same stretch as Ya Kun Kaya Toast, right at the other end (where Don Pie used to be). Don Pie is now opposite Nam Seng Noodles & Fried Rice.

Here are some photos I took when I visited my grandma at the stall with my friends last Wednesday afternoon.

A photo of my grandparents and the menu at the stall.

Delicious Venison Hor Fun, they no longer sell the beef version of this. My grandma made my three friends and I a huge plate, I mean really huge.

The best wanton ever, and I am not saying this because it is my grandma’s stall. Eat it to believe it. 🙂

My friends and I visited the stall because we happened to be in the area. We had lunch just a couple of hours ago before the visit, so we ordered only two dishes to share. However, we managed to finish up everything. I wish I had more room in my tummy for their Wanton Mee – the fresh Char Siu and homemade chilli in the dish is really tasty. 😛

Here are some interesting links. (Note: This blog post has the most updated address of Nam Seng Noodles & Fried Rice stall)
– Channel 5’s “Our Makan Places: Lost and Found” once featured my grandparents’ stall
– List of Yummy Eating Places – Lost and Found (I cannot confirm that everything in this list is updated, this only serves as a guide)

Here is a summary of the stall’s details.
Nam Seng Noodles & Fried Rice
25 China Street, #01-01
Far East Square
Tel: (+65) 6438-5669

Opening Hours
Mondays to Fridays – 8am to 9pm (Last order at 8:15pm)
Saturdays – 8am to 6pm (Last order at 5:15pm)
Sundays & Public Holidays – Closed


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13 Responses to “My Grandparents’ Nam Seng Noodles & Fried Rice Stall.”

  1. jeena Says:

    Wow it looks like your grandparents cooked wonderful food. I enjoyed reading this post why, is it that our grandparents can make food that we could only dream of cooking. 😀 I can see where you get your love for food from. 🙂

  2. amsiewong Says:

    jeena: Yes I so want to be able to cook like that! You can also see from my earlier posts, the home-cooked meals that she and my uncle made. It is so delicious. Yum-O to the max. Glad to see we have this in common my dear. 😀

  3. rara Says:

    Aye you should stop posting and bring us out to your gran’s stall. By the way, i miss that grilled salmon dish you made. Perhaps the next time you can invite jane and myself over then you can do salmon while she does jap. As for myself, i shall wait patiently for my food.

  4. Rosie Says:

    Oh this really is an inspiring post and wow look at your grandparents and thier wonderful cooking! 😀 It must be in your blood to cook and bake!

    Rosie x

  5. amsiewong Says:

    rara: Okay let’s plan a day to go together, but don’t expect to pay at all. Grandma will scold me. 😦 And yes, we’ll cook together soon and rara can sit and wait and enjoy. 🙂

    Rosie: Yes, my entire family loves food! I think besides it being in my blood, I have the passion for it. Passion is key ain’t it? 😀

  6. tinana Says:

    oh man, that beef hor fun looks SO GOOD.

  7. amsiewong Says:

    tinana: Yes, it is very very good. It is one of the best hor fun dish I’ve ever eaten. 😀

  8. vinnythemarv Says:

    oh my goodness…your grandparents own Nam Seng? I literally grew up eating their wanton mee and hor fun at the library! I hardly visit them ever since they moved.=(
    But your post has really stirred up fond memories of the place and food…i hope you have taken down the recipes and maybe one day, you can take over and continue their legacy!=)

  9. amsiewong Says:

    vinnythemarv: Hey this is great news, you could always visit them at their new stall. 😀 Cheers!

  10. zuess Says:

    i would love to eat there!!!!!!!!!!
    nice blog!
    check mine!

  11. zuess Says:

    oops! need the link, huh!

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    My Grandparents

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