My Love-Hate Relationship With The Durian Fruit.

I love the durian fruit because it is so incredibly delicious. There are many types of durians but I particularly like those that are slightly bitter and firm on the outside but thick & meaty on the inside.

This explains why I went crazy over these durian mooncakes from Goodwood Park Hotel during the Mid-Autumn festival party last year. You should have heard the ‘ooohs’ and the ‘aaahs’, the moment it went into the mouths of those who were present at the party. The quality of the durian in these mooncakes was exquisite.  

The durian’s only vice is its awful and punget smell. It smells almost like a rubbish bin with five days of food rotting inside. Perhaps I am exaggerating a little, but this is how I feel towards the smell of the durian when I’m not actually eating it.

My solution is to stay far away from durians unless I plan to eat some. It is a funny theory but it sure works on me.

Here are just some of the many durians taken in Malaysia when I was visiting my mother’s friend. At first it was hell to my nose, but soon it was heaven in my mouth.


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4 Responses to “My Love-Hate Relationship With The Durian Fruit.”

  1. sherxr Says:

    My fiance’s encounter with Durians.. he freaked out.. escaping from them if he passed the fruit stalls! hahahaa To him, it smell like 100 onions rotting. Hahahahaha
    I love my DURIANS…. but not anything made from it.

  2. amsiewong Says:

    I pretty much also prefer to eat the original durian fruit. But these mooncakes from Goodwood Park are honestly to die for. Heh 😀

  3. RARA Says:



  4. amsiewong Says:

    RARA: Oh my, you sound pretty tired and hungry to me.

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