Would You Dare To Eat This?

Till today, this photo of worms still makes me feel sick. I cannot believe ever using this ‘ingredient’ to cook deliberately. I took this photo during my trip to Cameron Highlands last year at a vegetable farm.

I was totally disgusted as the sight of these worms had brought back memories of a very unpleasant event that took place about five years ago.

I was eating a packet of rice that had vegetables in it. After I was about halfway done with it, I realised that there was a large worm (about 3 cm long and 3/4 cm thick) hidden amongst the vegetables. I almost puked. 😦 I then ran to the toilet and gargled for a good 10 minutes. I wish for none of you to ever experience this, ew.


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6 Responses to “Would You Dare To Eat This?”

  1. sherxr Says:

    Aren’t those in the picture Cordyceps??

  2. amsiewong Says:

    Oh my, my dad told me it was a worm so I just assumed it was! I wiki-ed Cordyceps and even after reading it, all I understand is that it is a Fungi. But then the Cordyceps sinensis is a vegetable caterpillar, I’m confused! 😛

  3. sherxr Says:

    Oh yes, I was right. Cordyceps is a herb in chinese medicine. Its chinese name is “Dong Chong Xia Cao” meaning worm in winter and grass in summer. It is the only living organism to be able to exists in both states of an insect and a vegetable. Evolution!
    My mum usually adds some of these freaky looking stuff in our soups. Can’t remember the actual health benefit.

  4. RARA Says:


    I always thought Cordyceps is one of those regular herbs people add into the soup even (e-hem) ESSENCE OF CHICKEN so as to rejuvenate the body or something along that line? What i didn’t know is that IT IS A WORM!? OK, hold on, is its dualism a myth or a scientific fact?
    Can someone enlighten me on this?

    Pretty glad i didn’t get the essence of chicken with cordyceps now. *phew*

  5. amsiewong Says:

    RARA: It seems to be a scientific fact my dear, I’ll get back to you on this one.

  6. bashenko Says:

    Hey there! I did’nt realise — it is so hard to find out how to cook worms. I’ve tried some in Spain once. And it was SOOOO good! But back home I don’t know where to find them. Or how to cook.
    Worms are not hot guys, you know. But they taste good.

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