Facebook (fluff)Friends Food.

Please allow me first to introduce you to my (fluff)Friend, which is an application on Facebook. His name is Bailey and he is a bunny. 😀 He is spotted to be hanging out with his friends amongst Easter eggs tonight.

What really amazes me about this application is the extensive selection of food that could be purchased for feeding pets. Here are just some of the food I have in Bailey’s food storage.

Some of the foods are weird (Raggedy Old Boot) and some not so weird (Cheesecake). Each pet adopted has their own food preferences. Bailey particularly likes the Milk Jar, Noodle Bowl and Candy Cane.

Here are some more food that Bailey has.

I would fancy a pork bun now actually, Bailey is one blessed bunny.


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4 Responses to “Facebook (fluff)Friends Food.”

  1. Sherxr Says:

    Oh I have a pet too. And my cousin told me it’s the weirdest on earth 😛 Only someone like me will choose to adopt a Radish as a pet!
    Why not? It’s cute and healthy. My other cousin adopted Tofu!
    What a family!

  2. amsiewong Says:

    Cool! I’ve got a friend who adopted the radish too, I find it very cute. I’m on a massive easter egg hunt now, hah!

  3. RARA Says:

    Hi Sherxr,

    Let me introduce to my radish – rardish!

    She’s now reclusing happily from the egg-hunting scene while letting the bunnies take center-stage during the week of Easter. You can however drop by and give her a special treat or two! At the moment she digs CHOCOLATE Bunny (i’m really surprised!), pancake & all fluff-related food.

    It’s certainly not easy to feed a non-animal but kudos to the great team at (fluff)friends who never fails to whet our appetite for MORE things to come. 😀

  4. amsiewong Says:

    Sherxr: As you can tell, my friend RARA is very into her radish, hee.

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