Instant Noodle Craving.

Sometimes I just feel like eating nothing but instant noodles.  What it lacks in nutrition, it makes up with its awesome taste; especially when cooked right.

Tonight, I craved for a Tom Yum soup-based instant noodles. My helper added meatballs and stirred in a small egg for me. As I am feeling slightly under the weather, I did not finish my noodles. But it did stir up the happy spirit in me. 🙂

As I ate alone, I slurped up the noodles at almost full volume. This sure makes the dish taste better, try it!


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8 Responses to “Instant Noodle Craving.”

  1. brendan stallard Says:


    Do you have a recipe for meatballs?

    I’ve never eaten them at all, and I’d like to try one that was Jalapeno type spicy.

    I can’t eat noodles any more, I have to restrict carbs: but heck, that picture made me drool.


  2. amsiewong Says:

    brendan: Hey there. Hmmm you mean recipes for cooking or making meatballs? These in the photo were store bought, let me know which is it you meant. 🙂

    Oh spicy meatballs, I’m going to be able to eat them during my trip to Thailand next month! 😀

    Well you could take complicated carbs that would be beneficial to your diet?

  3. Sherxr Says:

    Ikea swedish meatballs…. drool….
    Every Swedish seems to have a secret meatball recipe handed down from their mothers!
    Yes I do have one (stolen from a Swedish:P). Need to try it out.

  4. brendan stallard Says:

    “complicated carbs”


    Oh no! Carbs are complicated enough: what the heck are complicated carbs?

    Secondly: I’d be making my own meatballs. Store bought ones here, don’t seem to have the carb content on the packet and whenever that happens, you gotta know its stuffed with ’em.

    Your pictures make me drool, guurl….


  5. Neen Says:

    I just gotta say, it looks way better than the instant ramen noodles that U.S. University students subsist on!

  6. nadnut Says:

    i love instant noodles! i eat them way too often!

  7. Cakespy Says:

    You’re right–what it lacks in nutrition it more than makes up in taste! Oh man! I love them.

  8. amsiewong Says:

    Sherxr: Yes! I love Swedish meatballs. I jump for joy at those at IKEA.

    brendan: Haha…complicated or complex carbs are either starchy or fibrous foods – stick to the fibrous ones that break down slower in the body and hence have a low calorie count and are essential for digestion! Check out this link and this link. I used to only eat wholemeal cereal in the morning. 🙂

    Neen: My friend’s brother living in NYC always begs her to buy lots of Singaporean instant noodles when she visits him, heh.

    nadnut: My favourite is the spicy Ramen! 🙂 I eat them A LOT.

    Cakespy: Ditto! Thank God for this food creation.

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