Fried Rice.

Fried rice seems like a pretty easy dish to make; pick up whatever you can find in the kitchen and fry it together with rice. This is only partially true. The texture of the rice is very important – it needs to be moist but firm.

Two ways to ensure that your cooked rice is moist and firm.
1. Cook the rice the night before and refrigerate it. Fry it the next day with your other ingredients.
2. After washing the uncooked rice, leave it out to dry for about an hour before cooking it in the rice cooker. Let it cool slightly after it is cooked.

I thank my helper for the second tip that works for her each time she cooks fried rice. 🙂


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2 Responses to “Fried Rice.”

  1. Sherxr Says:

    The first dish that I learnt how to cook from my beloved mum.
    My trick is to put in less water than usual for cooking rice (simply for serving). The cooked rice will appear harder. But frying it will cook it further. And too much moisture will result in sticky rice! 😛
    My chefs in London had to learn hot to fry rice from me:P
    This is one dish I’m proud to be Singaporean for! Hahahah

  2. amsiewong Says:

    Sherxr: Oh so cool, chefs learning from you. *pats on your back. 🙂

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