McDonald’s McGriddles Breakfast Burger.

The McGriddles burger is in Singapore. Is it available in all branches? I shall find this out as soon as possible!

There are 3 types of McGriddles burgers, all wrapped syrup-infused pancakes
1. Sausage
2. Egg and cheese
3. Bacon, egg and cheese

But I think the bacon option won’t be available in Singapore because the McDonald’s here are Halal certified.


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12 Responses to “McDonald’s McGriddles Breakfast Burger.”

  1. Dom Says:

    there might be turkey bacon instead, like BK’s turkey bacon double… blech.

  2. amsiewong Says:

    My friend just confirmed it with me.

    An extra value meal costs S$5.90 and the individual piece costs S$4.10. There are:
    – sausage + cheese + egg or
    – sausage + cheese options
    covered on both ends with pancakes infused with syrup…

    Hun we gotta go eat it this week!

  3. Daryl Tay Says:

    Have you been checking out the Twitter conversations on this crazy food? I tried it last Friday. It’s not too bad!

  4. ruthEbabes Says:

    We call them McMuffins here in the UK… I love them! Thankfully though don’t live too near a McDs to end up having them all the time!!! My waistline couldn’t cope!

  5. amsiewong Says:

    Daryl: Haha yes my twitter is flooded with them. I’m going to try them tomorrow morning, home delivery! 😛

    ruthEbabes: Awesome! Oh man, there’s an eight-digit number we pampered Singaporeans can just dail to get our burgers to our doorsteps, yikes! *stares at my waist.

  6. Dom Says:


    We’ve got McMuffins here too, e.g. Sausage McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, etc…

    I think this one is quite different (key point, I think, would be “syrup-infused” – McMuffins don’t have syrup!); wouldn’t make sense for Maccas to have the same thing with a different name and offer both items on their menu!

  7. amsiewong Says:


    Sorry love, I’m going to order in tomorrow first without you, need to have me some of those! Mcgriddle Mcgriddle Mcgriddle…

  8. brenyeo Says:

    review review! advice if it’s worth gaining weight for. =)

  9. brendanstallard Says:

    The last time I ever ate a McDonalds was some ten years ago, it was some sort of breakfast thing. Very large and fat, there’s no way to nibble the things.

    So, I took a large bite, and as my teeth scrunched down: a jet of boiling hot fat shot out from the bun and burnt my face.

    Never again:)

    I’m amazed you like ’em, but then again: you are young and can afford a few extra calories for a year or two yet…..


  10. fiza Says:

    i’ve been looking for this! is it only available at certain outlets? surely not available for delivery right? its not on the menu online.

  11. Singapore McDonald’s McGriddles Burger Reviewed. « Curious Foodie. Says:

    […] you see my previous post on the McGriddles, the egg in that photo is a different type that McDonald’s serve in the Singapore Egg […]

  12. amsiewong Says:

    brenyeo: Review done now, check it out! 🙂

    brendan: Oh man poor you! I prefer the hotcakes just by itself rather than the McGriddles way. Heh…

    fiza: As far as I know, my friend had no trouble finding it at most outlets. Although it isn’t on the menu, it is available. It could be McDonald’s way of doing word-of-mouth marketing. 🙂

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