Crazy Amount Of Food For 3 Girls.

Two of my girlfriends came over on Monday evening for a home-cooked meal, after much talk about my helper who cooks so well. We came home to this large spread of food on my dining table, which we almost manage to finish.

After dinner, we had a great time chatting and laughing. This sure is a good break from a hectic schedule in school.

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8 Responses to “Crazy Amount Of Food For 3 Girls.”

  1. brendanstallard Says:


    No fair: you eat all that food and you are all as cute as bugs in a rug!

    What a wonderful spread, I want some:)

    I had worms and gruel for sustenance today, it’ll be worms and gruel again tomorrow: with salt and paper for afters……


  2. brenyeo Says:

    just like to clarify what u said. “we almost manage to finish”…. it should be “LISHAN almost manage to finish”.

  3. brendanstallard Says:


    I think you all finished: you lot of skinny gannets you:)

    Lishan was merely the only one pictured, hoovering it up….


  4. Shan Says:

    wahahaha,,, thanks for the publicity my dear.

    I have my bloated and fat days tooooo!!!!

    BUT THE FOOD IS GOOOD. hehee. Looking forward to more! *hint hint*

  5. amsiewong Says:

    brenyeo: haha yes yes it was mostly Lishan! 🙂

    brendan: It was true, Lishan ate most of it and she’s the skinniest! Haha cute as bugs in a rug, lol. Thanks. 😀

    Shan: Yes my dear, how does next week sound? Over studying for our exams? 😛

  6. Frank Says:

    That looks so good. I fear I am not so lucky – ever since I started my cooking blog – my belly has grown a bit.


  7. brendanstallard Says:


    Women have life easy. We men look at food and put on pounds: women can eat what they like (and usually do) and stay thin as rakes. Must be all that “shopping”….

    Its even worse with illness: man flu is so much worse that girl flu: they just get a cold: we are down for the count..

    Life is NOT fair:)


  8. amsiewong Says:

    Frank: Well as long as you’re eating healthy and balanced meals, it is okay to put on a little weight. 🙂

    brendan: Haha is that so? My boyfriend eats a lot but he still manages to maintain his weight, but yeah he loves shopping too! Ah I see a little association here, heh. 😛

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