Prata At Serangoon Central Drive.

I can’t remember the exact stall name and I didn’t take any photos. All I knew is that my boyfriend and I ate way too much roti prata at Serangoon Central Drive.

Plain roti prata (left) and egg roti telur (centre), with a bowl of chicken curry on the side
Source: Wikipedia

We both ate in total:
– 1 plain roti prata (with chicken curry and white sugar)
– 1 crispy butter roti prata
– 1 egg roti prata
– 1 plate of indian fried rice
– 2 cups of tea

Of course he ate more than me but we both ended up stuffed to the maximum. It was delicious though, before we both felt the discomfort of being too full. 🙂


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3 Responses to “Prata At Serangoon Central Drive.”

  1. brendanstallard Says:


    Tea with Indian food…hmmm: how interesting. Most UK folks (not USA) would consider some sort of beer as accompaniment. Was it Tisane, black tea or tea bag?

    May I request more pictures of the outside of the places where you get this food. I’m very interested in the architecture: what it looks like as you walk up: that sort of thing.

    White sugar? Wot was that for?


  2. TeReNcE Says:

    yup.. the pratas there nice nice 🙂 Another two locations I had been to which served nice pratas are: (1) Sembawang and (2) Old Woodlands Centre Market (with sardine curry). Yup 🙂

    Have u been to “SayCheezeCake” at Great World City? Nice food there 🙂

  3. amsiewong Says:

    brendan: The tea is our typical Singaporean Teh-Tarik (Pulled tea with milk), it should be brewed with tea leaves I’m guessing. Okays, when I get the chance I’d take photos of the place! 🙂 White sugar is another option to eat with the Roti Prata, besides curry. It is delicious!

    Terence: Oh I have not, will take note. Thanks for those places! 🙂

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