Thai Food At Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok.

I am back and I miss you all so much. 🙂 Although I’ve got a quiz tomorrow, I decided that it’s about time I shall stop being lazy and blog about the food enjoyed during my Bangkok trip.

On the first day, the boyfriend and I headed straight to Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall – a shopping paradise in Bangkok. And as if that isn’t good enough, the food at its level 6 food centre is pretty impressive in terms of delicious food and a wide variety to choose from.

A view from my seat.

What I ate: A really delicious bowl of duck noodle soup. Mmmmm…

What he ate: Phad Thai, with chili-flakes, crushed peanuts and sugar – the way the Thais eat it. He really enjoyed this dish.

He also drank some incredibly sweet and milky Thai iced-tea.

The serving of Thai food is very small, which fits me just fine. Also, I love how each table would have its own free napkins. It really came in handy during my “flu-ing” days in Bangkok, heh. 🙂


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19 Responses to “Thai Food At Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok.”

  1. Daryl Tay Says:

    You know I don’t remember being this place being open when I was last there! Looks like a cool place to visit though =)

  2. amsiewong Says:

    It was great, we kept going back there to eat. Think I visited Platinum like 3 times in my 5 days there? 😛 heh.

  3. brendan stallard Says:

    “free napkins”


    Are napkins not free most of the time?

    I’ve eaten Pad Thai in the UK: and it sure don’t look like that:)


  4. Sherxr Says:

    I don’t like Thai milk tea too! Incredibly sweet! Yikes!

  5. celestephua Says:

    The food looks great! I was there last month, don’t remember seeing so much yummy stuff… maybe to busy shopping. Did you have the Crepes downstairs too? – its better then the one on the 6th floor, i miss the Banana Chocolate!

  6. amsiewong Says:

    brendan: Well it’s not usual for food centres or food courts (a Singaporean term) to offer free napkins at every table. 🙂 Oh my, there’s pad thai in the UK?

    Sherxr: Uh ha, sweet and too thick for my liking.

    celestephua: Hey thanks for visiting. Haha I was very busy shopping too trust me. 🙂 I did try some mini coconut crepes at the basement downstairs, not too bad I must say.

  7. amanda linqq Says:

    amelia jiejie … u got buy present for mandy anots..??! hahas..! LOLS..!

  8. nikihampton Says:

    The food looks delish! I love Thai food and would love to travel to Thailand sometime. Love your blog, BTW, check out mine if you have a chance.

  9. TeReNcE Says:

    happy belated mothers’ day! 🙂

  10. jasmine Says:

    THE FOODCOURT WAS FRICKING FABULOUS! 🙂 Cheap like anything and the food was awesome. Their milkshake, crepes and thai beef bowl is super shiok!

  11. amsiewong Says:

    nikihampton: Hey thanks for visiting! 🙂

    Terence: Haha thanks!

    jasmine: YESH it was, it was. I wish I had all the appetite in the world to eat it then but I had a good time nonetheless. 🙂

  12. celestephua Says:

    Yes i saw your red squirrel necklace from Room No. 9! I miss BKK and the cheap nice stuff… was so busy shopping myself, got so dizzy at the end of the day… but I must say that the smell was IRRESISTIBLE! Whenever i pass the escalator… i had to cover my nose run pass it!

    Coconut crepes sounds good too… *Drool*

  13. amsiewong Says:

    celeste: haha yup! Gosh I’d love travelling and food tasting. I’m planning to go to Israel, Australia, Hong Kong, New York and more Bangkok! 🙂 Heh…I want to try travlling alone too, it would be such an experience.

  14. celestephua Says:

    Travelling alone would be very fun, I am going BSM NY and i am extending to move around US alone visiting friends, kinda looking forward to that.

    And for the other places: Australia is a good place to start… I had a splendid eating experience in Sydney-All the fresh food!!! Plus, traveling alone shouldn’t be dangerous in the city and suburbs.

    Another must go for foodies and shopping fanatics is JAPAN! I went there 2 times last year, and i still want to go again! I am missing the FA-TA-BU-LOUS tempura places there.

  15. amsiewong Says:

    celeste: Hey cool, yea NY BSM is really fun. So which other states are u planning to visit. And when do you fly? I extended to Boston and Wachusett Mountain to ski. I had an absolute blast. But my favourite out of the three places is still NYC, I feel so at home there, weirdly.

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  17. Bangkoktur Says:

    Åker ni igen till Bangkok så bör ni besöka Lumpinee Stadium och kolla på Thaiboxning. Man vet aldrig hur länge stadiumen kommer att finnas kvar. Fantastisk upplevelse att ha sett Muay Thai på Lumpinee stadium.

  18. Leende landet Says:

    I do like Bangkok in Thailand. When we fly to Thailand we usually stay one days in bangkok. Nice city with alot of sights to see.

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    […]Thai Food At Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok. « Curious Foodie.[…]…

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