In A Boston State Of Mind.

I was just looking through my photos from my New York City and Boston trip last December and it’s making me miss that place so much. Thanks to Xiao Min’s aunt, a group of us who travelled together got a taste of some delicious home-cooked food in Boston! Yum-O.

Here’s the famous Boston lobster.

Amazing cold prawns with chilli sauce (a rare treat in America).

The view from my camera, while leaving the house.

It’s a bitter-sweet feeling.



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10 Responses to “In A Boston State Of Mind.”

  1. brendan stallard Says:

    “It’s a bitter-sweet feeling.”


    I’ll bet you were wearing yer full padded jacket and gloves on that day.

    Prawns are a bit of a flavourless commodity, some chilli sauce would very much wake them up a bit.


  2. Sherxr Says:

    Finally another post!!!

    Brendan!! Prawns are not tasteless.. it’s due to bad cooking which make them lose their juicy sweet flavours..

  3. brendan stallard Says:

    “Prawns are not tasteless.. it’s due to bad cooking”


    Lawdy: there ain’t no gettin’ away with nothin’ arahnd heah. Foodies to the left, foodies to the right, ready to pounce!

    I just like hot jalapeno sauce on virtually everything…..

    Guilty as charged, Ma’am:)


  4. amsiewong Says:

    Haha ditto to Sherxr! Ah okay I’ll keep ’em post coming in ya? My exams are this coming Friday, can’t wait for it to end for my well-deserved 2 week break. 🙂 You two cheer me up, always!

  5. Sherxr Says:

    Jia you Amelia!!! Good luck! Big hugs!! Waiting for your posts! From your fan!

    All right Brendan.. not shooting you today. We’ll spare you from ze torture chamber. Ooo.. you like things spicy hur 😉

  6. amsiewong Says:

    Haha you’re so funny Sherxr…hee…

  7. jasmine Says:

    i miss the U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to go back in Oct seriously!!! 🙂

  8. brendan stallard Says:

    “We’ll spare you from ze torture chamber.”


    Oh: what a shame:)

    “you like things spicy hur”

    To be fair, while I lived in the UK: I always used to sneeze terribly when pepper was around: but my digestion system seems to work pretty decent with Jalapenos fresh and sliced.

    I know we are all a bag of different chemicals and responses to same: but it only seems to get more and more confusing: but I do like Jalapenos and my bod seems to be okay with them……mostly…


  9. Jeena Says:

    Food looks great, I hate the cold but I love the way it looks especially the snow it is so pretty. 🙂

  10. amsiewong Says:

    Jeena: Yea the snow was so pretty but the cold was horrid. My friends and I waited a good 35mins for the bus in the cold!

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