Quenching Thirst.

Hey even our pet turtle needs a drink after traveling around Chatuchak from 10am to 4pm. What a feat, to me at least. 😉

Say hi to shelly, she’s the closest I’ve got to a pet dog for now. 🙂


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9 Responses to “Quenching Thirst.”

  1. brendan stallard Says:

    “traveling around Chatuchak from 10am to 4pm.”


    Excuse Me!

    You were NOT travelling……you were SHOPPING!

    300.000 people each day, my word: I’d need my slaves to be fed in order that they could carry me around the market…..


  2. Jeena Says:

    That turtle is soooooo cute….look at the eyes….ahhhhhhh. 😀

  3. Karen Says:

    ur turtle looks abit tortured into drinking….. hahaha

  4. amanda linqq Says:

    erm.. amelia jiejie.. where u bought the turtle..?? its so cuteeee..!!

  5. Sherxr Says:

    Brendan… I don’t think those poor Thai escorts can carry your weight..:P

  6. amsiewong Says:

    brendan: heh yea yea shopping!

    Jeena: Yea shelly’s real cute, would miss her coz I won’t be seeing her again! 😦

  7. A M A N D A Says:

    HUH..?? WHY …?? WHY U WON’T SEE HER AGAIN ..??!!

  8. amsiewong Says:

    Amanda: Haha because she’s with my friend now. 🙂

  9. A M A N D A Says:

    hahas.. o.. i see

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