Smashing good deep-fried bento style Japanese food. Free flow of miso soup and fresh cabbage. What more can a hungry girl ask for? 

I thoroughly enjoyed my fried pork loins and tempura.

It came with so many sauces till I was spoiled for choice. There was their special sweet sauce mixed with grounded sesame. There was soya sauce. There was tar tar sauce. And of course there was their extremely hot mustard sauce – I really think it was mostly wasabi. 

My friend Hilda just looked at me with amazement as I was intrigued with me having to grind my own sesame before my meal arrives. 


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9 Responses to “Tonkichi.”

  1. Sherxr Says:

    Grinding sesame seeds.. seems like fun!
    I can’t remember if I’ve been to Tonkichi before… Sounds familiar…old and losing memory Hahah

  2. amsiewong Says:

    Sherxr: Hey let’s do Tonkichi when you’re back! If time permits that is…^_^

  3. Frank Says:

    Those fried items looked like one of the best things ever. I had dinner recently at Flemming Steakhouse here in the U.S. – for an appetizer they had sliced portobello mushrooms that were breaded in panko bread crumbs and fried. They were served stacked in sort of a tower and with this great creamy sauce that had a touch of pepper heat. It was very good!

  4. Daryl Tay Says:

    Good to see you blogging again Ams! I love Tonkichi! Discovered it sometime back… mm that reminds me that my friends and I haven’t been there in a long time!

  5. amsiewong Says:

    Frank: Wow that sounds awesome! I love portobello mushrooms. I will blog about my helper’s recipe on that soon 🙂 thanks!

    Daryl: We shall have a reunion there when you’re back? Gosh I might be working once that happens, what a change and transition!

  6. princess p Says:

    yes, this place is good! been to the suntec branch. worth the visit. :o)

  7. amsiewong Says:

    Heh thanks for visiting princess p ong! lol 🙂

  8. Karen Says:

    I love Tonkichi!!! The branch at Takashimaya has some dishes that are not available in the Suntec Branch. An appertiser dish like ladyfingers with wasabi sauce is a good example! Princess P, you should try out the Taka branch..

    And I just love their curry sauce!!! I’ll order an extra bowl to go with my usual meal!

  9. ladyironchef Says:

    i heard tonkichi is quite good for their katsu, how much is it?

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