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Pizza Birthday “Cake”.

September 25, 2008

I am thinking fondly of Brenda, who is on her exchange programme in Taipei. This was her surprise birthday “cake” last year, which was obviously not a cake but a pizza. Whoever said we needed to have a cake during a birthday celebration? Why not candles on pizza? 🙂

I cannot wait till my ‘graduation trip’ in December to Taipei, when I can see this woman again. 

Till then Brenda Panda!


Guest Blogger Special: Daryl’s Montreal Poutine Adventure.

September 22, 2008

So I’m doing a food review (for the first time!) for, and since I’m in Montreal, I’ve decided to find a food that is supposed to taste best from here, and that’s poutine

Poutine is essentially fries, cheese and gravy mixed together. Which is fine if you’re a fan of all three ingredients, but it happens that I’m not a fan of cheese. But just as Amelia wouldn’t let personal taste preference get in the way of great food reviews, I decided to brave it anyway!

Research at Montreal Poutine led me to 4177 Boulevard St. Laurent at a place called Patati Patata, which has the review “If you have only one poutine in Montreal, this should be it”. So a short cab ride later I was at the place, with the following video:

The shop.

The taste-test.

Overall, I finished almost ¾ of that bowl (yes, including the cheese), which is really a testament to how good it tasted. I can imagine to a person who likes cheese, this meal would be awesome. The texture of the cheese curds from Patati Patata was the best part: not too soft and not too hard as well, hence making it real easy to go down.

While I don’t see myself eating a lot of poutine, I can say it tasted good enough for everyone who visits Canada to at least try it once. Just make it at a store rated highly!


Find out more about Daryl here. Thanks for doing this D, sorry for the late link, I plain forgot!

The Pink Tea Cup Restaurant.

September 21, 2008

One of my favourite dinners in New York City with eight lovely people. The Pink Tea Cup is the place to be for awesome fried chicken for the soul, all american food at a cosy corner tucked away from the busy city.

It had a romantic vibe to it. Soft music from the likes of Babyface, Mariah Carey, Whitney Housten, and our friendly waiter who sang darn well – what is there not to love about this place?

Here is Michelle and I before entering the restaurant, it wasn’t too cold a night that December in 2007 – perhaps three to four degrees celsius. But we were hungry.

The real sweet lil place has met with us.

All nice and warm inside – until people opened and closed the door that was near our table that allowed gushes of cold air in.

We ate a lot. I’ll allow the photos to speak for themselves.

Soup or salad for starters.

Chicken with a choice of two sides.

Delicious corn bread filled with buttery goodness.

And we all thought that this jello with whipped cream would end off our dinner, we were wrong.

Mister Vincent Ha then ordered a cream cake.

Xiaomin’s pancakes were amazing!

And then our pudding arrived. (burp) We were already so full but it was too delicious to ignore.

We then headed down to Cafe Wha to groove our extreme overdose of calories away.

Who Says One Cannot Eat Ice Cream During Winter?

September 11, 2008

This has got to be one of the best ice cream eateries in New York City’s Chinatown in terms of its variety of flavours. We were freezing but some things were not to be missed – good ice cream during winter included!

I think these smiling kids think so too. They’re both so incredibly adorable! Of course, I had asked for permission from their parents before I took this shot. 🙂 

Poached Eggs, Hash, New York City Jazz.

September 9, 2008

I am craving some good brunch and world class jazz music. I am also craving to return to New York City; be it with company or alone. 

Blue Note was the place to be for all that jazz, for just USD35. It was their special brunch sunday. It was real special to me indeed.

*Thinking fondly of last December.

My Blogger Friend Sherene To Be In Singapore In October.

September 8, 2008

Sherene is someone I’ve got to know through this blog of mine. She’s a Singaporean living in Croatia with her fiance and she’s one amazing chef and entrepreneur. I’ve never met her but we have each other on msn, Facebook and twitter. I will be seeing her when she is visiting in October! 

She once did a guest entry for me and likewise me for her

I cannot wait! 🙂

My 25th Birthday.

September 5, 2008

It was a simple, quiet but lovely affair. On the eve I had lunch with my girlfriends, their treat at Bakerzin. Then it was dinner with my friend Jalen at Kuishinbo, Suntec City Mall. Also his treat. On my actual birthday, I had dinner with my family at a restaurant at East Coast. My parents’ treat. Ain’t I blessed?

On the eve of my birthday at Bakerzin, I had loads of fun and even managed to gather some career advice from Hilda. And perhaps that’s why she needed a drink to satisfy her thirst. Bring on some hot chocolate with marshmallows for the lady. 

These macaroons were utterly delightful, I hated that I had to break it apart.

The grand finale, the dessert tapas.

And on the actual day, a simple dinner date with my family.

Some peanuts to make the stomach rumble, perhaps a hidden strategy for restaurants to make their customers order more.

Cooking away the beef, mushrooms and vegetables in a steaming hot pot.

My coconut drink.

My favourite efu noodles. This is usually served at weddings (as a last dish before dessert) or at birthdays. Perhaps, it signifies all things good from that point on.

My birthday cake from a neighbourhood cake shop. Hazelnut sponge cake.

And so…I am one year older. It’s going to get better and better each year. 🙂