The Pink Tea Cup Restaurant.

One of my favourite dinners in New York City with eight lovely people. The Pink Tea Cup is the place to be for awesome fried chicken for the soul, all american food at a cosy corner tucked away from the busy city.

It had a romantic vibe to it. Soft music from the likes of Babyface, Mariah Carey, Whitney Housten, and our friendly waiter who sang darn well – what is there not to love about this place?

Here is Michelle and I before entering the restaurant, it wasn’t too cold a night that December in 2007 – perhaps three to four degrees celsius. But we were hungry.

The real sweet lil place has met with us.

All nice and warm inside – until people opened and closed the door that was near our table that allowed gushes of cold air in.

We ate a lot. I’ll allow the photos to speak for themselves.

Soup or salad for starters.

Chicken with a choice of two sides.

Delicious corn bread filled with buttery goodness.

And we all thought that this jello with whipped cream would end off our dinner, we were wrong.

Mister Vincent Ha then ordered a cream cake.

Xiaomin’s pancakes were amazing!

And then our pudding arrived. (burp) We were already so full but it was too delicious to ignore.

We then headed down to Cafe Wha to groove our extreme overdose of calories away.


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7 Responses to “The Pink Tea Cup Restaurant.”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:

    Cute restaurant!! Love all the desserts!!

  2. Daryl Tay Says:

    Omg this was the place we were walking around to find for awhile right? And you’re missing the best pic! The one of Michelle sleeping!

  3. jzztzz Says:

    Sigh… Take me back NY..

  4. amsiewong Says:

    VeggieGirl: Yeah don’t they all look awesome? 🙂

    Daryl: Haha I don’t want Michelle to kill me! 😛

    jzztzz: Hey take me back too! haha 😀

  5. Nicole Then Says:

    j-j-jello!!! with whip cream!?? ahh…I wana try 😀

  6. Annie Says:

    I took my boyfriend there for our 3 year anniversary a year & a half ago. The food was AWESOME and the ambience was great. We went during early summer though so it was a bit warmer.

    BEST soul food in the city, hands down! Everyone should go. 🙂

  7. amsiewong Says:

    Nicole: Yeah it’s common to just add whipped cream to a lot of things in the USA. lol.

    Annie: Yes yes! It had such a romantic vibe to it plus it had great service! The pink toilet bowls and quint spiral stairway to the basement made it all the more special. 😛

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