Wasabi Tei – A Hidden Treasure In Singapore.

Yes…this place has a grumpy chef, a 20% additional charge if you order more than once and a counter seating enough to fit a mere 16 persons at one go-but in my opinion, it has the best Japanese food in Singapore. 

Food rating: 5 over 5 stars.
Service: 1.5 over 5 stars. 

Moses educated me on how the place works and did everything right by ordering all our food the first time and I made sure I did nothing to aggravate the chef (I took photos discreetly haha). We watched in wonder as the chef’s wife explained to unsuspecting customers that second orders will cost them 20% more and the chef telling a customer that no waiting is allowed in the vicinity. 

Wasabi Tei is a nice quaint place hidden on the fifth level at Far East Plaza. Take the lift nearest at Subway (ground floor) and turn left upon exiting the lift. Here’s the chef’s wife washing up while her husband busied himself in the kitchen.

The starters-free of charge. I can only make out that it has delicious pork bits and dried shrimp with some tea-leaf like vegetable. This made us so hungry for our main course.

The absolute best and thickest salmon sashimi-S$9. This was sliced on the spot and served to us, honestly it was the best I’ve ever tasted in the 25 years I’ve lived on planet earth.

My other favourite, swordfish sashimi-S$12. Just the right amount of juice and fleshy-taste to it, simply perfect. How do you beat that thickness?

Moses’ main course, a large pot of soup with cabbage and swordfish-S$18. The codfish was so tender, the soup was so sweet, the vegetables added an amazing texture and flavour to the entire dish. I was blown away. A large portion that is definitely worth its price tag. 

My garlic beef rice-S$13. Delicious and fragrant.

Watermelon-free of charge, very sweet and juicy but I could not stomach it all after the main course.

Moses and I are already planning to go again soon. This was such an experience for me!

Wasabi Tei Japanese Cuisine
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza
Tel: 62388216
Open: Weekdays and Saturdays
(12pm to 3pm & 6pm to 9pm)
Expect to queue between 15 minutes to an hour to get a seat

Us in heaven super duper satisfied.


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7 Responses to “Wasabi Tei – A Hidden Treasure In Singapore.”

  1. Daryl Tay Says:

    I’ve been hearing awesome things about this place but the queue is ALWAYS so long! The food looks reallllllly good though!

  2. rara Says:

    i went there before… the chef was sure grumpy! jane didnt think that place was fantastic though. lol

  3. ravenruiwen Says:

    hehe.. wow… i hvn’t been there yet.. but will go n try one day!! ^^

  4. brendan Says:


    Recession, WHAT recession! You’re all eating like healthy horses in Singapore:) Grumpy chefs, 20% extra for ordering twice, that is a restaurant confident in its clientele!

    What was the green stuff next to the Salmon and also the other dish? Was that some sort of bean?

    You’re in a rich vein of form, medeario, keep it up, its great to see how the world lives!


  5. amsiewong Says:

    @Daryl: For lunch reach on the spot at 12pm! 🙂

    @rara: Hahah I thought the place was fantastic, the food was simply awesome! So much so I can totally overlook the grumpy chef.

    @ravenruiwen: Yes you should go early to avoid disappointment. 😀

    @brendan: Haha healthy horses we are then! This place is indeed confident to the point of leaving signs for customers to not leave their plates on certain counters. The green stuff is like the shop name: Wasabi. It is somewhat like mustard but it is MUCH hotter! We usually mix it in Japanese soy sauce and dip the raw fish or sushi in that sauce. 🙂 See here for more details!

  6. ingredientsofhappiness Says:

    wow i’m looking at this post way late lol wonder how it is i haven’t heard of it til now?? anyway it looks GREAT. shall attempt to go there sometime on an off peak time 🙂

    – mich

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