Social Media Breakfast 5.

I had a good time catching up with old friends and making new ones this Social Media Breakfast, that took place at the Samsung Store @ Vivo City. Too bad I had to leave earlier for another appointment. The location was great and the food was not too bad either.

A view of the spread.

The beautiful chocolate log cake.

And I felt so blessed because I’ve been craving for bread pudding for the longest time and viola! Delicious bread pudding in front of me.

Photo taking with Mark and Dorothy.

And of course I needed a photo with my cute nadnut. What a pleasant surprise to see her there, as we’ve been missing each other at all these events. 



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5 Responses to “Social Media Breakfast 5.”

  1. d*r Says:

    wheee! It was great having you there at SMB too Ams! :))

  2. brendan Says:


    That first photograph on the page is an excellent pic in difficult light, nice job.


  3. oldskoolmark Says:

    Nooooo!!! I came here b4 lunch!!!

  4. amsiewong Says:

    @d*r: Hee well done in organizing it!

    @brendan: Thank you, heh *blush.

    @oldskoolmark: It’s okay, at least you enjoyed the log cake and pudding ya? 🙂

  5. sgfoodlover Says:

    The cake and the buffet looks good haha!

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