Kitchen Designing In The Process.

My new home is in the process of being designed by my mum and I. I am most excited about how the kitchen would turn out. We are now awaiting the 3-dimensional mock up from our designer and this photo I found off the web best describes my new kitchen. 🙂 

My kitchen would have a dark tiled floor and a similar white kitchen top. The wood grain laminate on the cabinets would be of a darker zebra tone, in a horizontal fashion and without any metal handles protruding. My kitchen would have an ‘island-like’ work counter in an ‘L’ shape format, that connects to the stove. There would be a glass panel below the top-tier cabinet to allow for us to use markers to write recipes or notes. 

I am ecstatic, too excited to cook and bake in this new kitchen of mine. Just a mere three months to go. Breathe. 

p/s: I find this New York kitchen design really awesome too. Check out that fireplace in the middle of the room. Awesomeness! 


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13 Responses to “Kitchen Designing In The Process.”

  1. VeggieGirl Says:


  2. brendan stallard Says:

    Dear Amsie,

    I assume the invite to come stay (for ages) at the Wong Hotel is still available?

    Promise I won’t get in the way, and won’t stop longer than about six months or so:)


  3. Karen Says:

    I hope I’ll have such a pretty kitchen in the future!! 😀

  4. dinie Says:

    hello..i would like to seek your recommendation on where can i get good,beautiful cupcakes for a friend’s upcoming birthday.

  5. Kristen's Raw Says:

    Whoo! Those are some cool-ass kitchens!!! My mom is redoing her whole house with the kitchen as the focus and she went with a Mediterranean style – warm and cozy. Can’t wait until it’s done!


  6. shaaakspsyco Says:

    This is a very well structured and dedicated blog!
    Will check regularly!

  7. amsiewong Says:

    @Karen: I’m sure you will! 🙂

    @dinie: Hey there, sorry I’ve not really ordered cupcakes before as I bake all of mine, will let you know if I do hear of any. 🙂

    @Kristen’s Raw: Heh yeah such gorgeous pictures ya? My 3D model is up, will see if I can put it up soon!

    @shaaakspsyco: Wow thanks! 🙂

  8. zestycook Says:

    AMAZING! This is my first time commenting. I love it.. will be a regular!


  9. amsiewong Says:

    @zestycook: Thank you!! 😀

  10. bodytreats Says:

    OMG!!! Awesome! Can’t wait for your house warming party dear!

  11. amsiewong Says:

    @bodytreats: Hahaha yeah me too!

  12. yohabloespanglish Says:

    OMG that NY kitchen is definitely gorgeous and exactly what I would choose. Is it common in Singapore to have double sinks? I am from the United States, it is somewhat common to find that but not everywhere. Right now I live in London and apparently it’s quite uncommon to find that setup here, but I prefer it.

    My most-desired kitchen item, aside from a gas cooker, is white enamel farm sink, that means two deep side-by-side square sinks. Gorgeous.

  13. amsiewong Says:

    @yohabloespanglish, these kitchens aren’t common for Singapore’s kitchens, but I like to be different. 🙂 watch out for my post on my new kitchen!

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