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Nothing Really Beats Taiwan’s Bubble Tea.

January 20, 2009

The tea taste was so lovely, especially when it was cold outdoor. In contrast, the Singapore bubble tea is, more often than not, just sugared water with a hint of tea.

Here’s me and my favourite red-tea, waiting for the shops at Wufenpu to open.


DanDan Wu @ Ximending, Taipei.

January 13, 2009

When Calin and I arrived in Taipei some two weeks ago, we were starved. This was mainly because we refused to eat plane food and wanted some real Tawinese cuisine. 

After an hour bus ride to the hotel at Ximending, we went to DanDan Wu (a direct translation is EggEgg House) nearby. 

Here’s a photo from outside the restaurant, so many floors of it! We were however too hungry to wait for seats on the upper floors so we settled for the ground floor.

Here’s my huge plate of ‘spicy’ chicken, egg with rice, spaghetti with tomato sauce and some salad. The spaghetti wasn’t fantastic, tasted like it came from a can without much flavour. Also, if you’re a chilli-loving-Singaporean, you should not take their ‘spicy’ too seriously. 

Here’s the view after I ‘broke’ my egg cap on my rice. In Taiwan, only Japanese rice is used…I love it!

Calin’s pork-chop rice with Japanese curry was much nicer, do try this one.

However, I would not advice you to eat large meals like that as you’d be missing out on the street food, which is SO delicious! More posts on that soon. 🙂

The view across the restaurant. I love Taiwan so much. It was a comfortable 12 degrees and boy was I excited for the next 7 days to come.