An Overdose Of Mushroom.

Had dinner at Swensen’s and I had an overdose of mushroom…I’m drugged with goodness (and lots of laughter).

Mushroom soup in a bread bowl.  Deep fried mushrooms with mayonnaise. Mushroom Aglio-Olio Pasta.

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Random: Do horbits love mushrooms because it is the only food that’s conveniently in their reach?


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2 Responses to “An Overdose Of Mushroom.”

  1. brendan stallard Says:


    While I don’t like mushrooms and don’t eat them, that mushroom soup in bread looks quite extraordinary.

    May I make a request?

    I think some of the macro food shots might be improved by taking them at an angle of 30 degrees, rather than the slightly steeper angle you’re using currently.

    That said, its still a wonderful look at Singapore and its food:)

    Thank you medeario!


    • amsiewong Says:

      Hey Brendan! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by again. ^^ Yup the mushroom in a bread bowl was interesting 😛

      Noted on the 30 degree, will take note for future photos that’ll match that. 😉

      Laters! 😀

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