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Beppu Dining Restaurant’s Spicy Chicken Ramen.

January 5, 2011

Happy new year to my dear readers. 🙂 May 2011 bring to you loads of laughter, joy and good conversations over delicious food.

Here’s my first food review of the year – Beppu Dining Restaurant’s Spicy Chicken Ramen (aka Japanese noodles).

Food rating: 3.5 over 5 stars.
Service: 4 over 5 stars.

I usually order it this way:

  • 2 Chilies (You can choose up to 8 Chilies? Hello? That’s crazy; but you can choose to order just the 8 Chillies soup for S$2)
  • Fried chicken to be served at the side (So that it doesn’t turn soggy, otherwise they serve it on top of the ramen soup)

I wouldn’t consider this ‘authentic’ Japanese ramen (bouncy noodles in soup, served with chicken/pork soup that’s boiled for hours), but I would say it’s a pretty good lunch-fix for ~S$12-15 per person (drinks included).

Have a go if you’re around the area:

20 Cross Street #01-19 China Court, China Square Central Singapore
Tel: +65 6438 0328

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 11.30am – 3.00pm; 6pm – 10pm
Weekends: 12noon – 10pm

P.S: I’ve not tried their Japanese Shabu Shabu, anyone has and is it yummy?


Yong He Eating House At Geylang, Singapore.

November 24, 2008

After an album showcase by pop singer JJ Lin last night, my parents and I headed down to Geylang’s Yong He Eating House for some Taiwanese supper, which is open 24 hours a day. It is located at the corner of Geylang Lor 27A. The food there was seriously awesome, I went to bed a happy girl.

The shop at 10pm.

Sweet beancurd with peanuts.

My sister and her plain beancurd.

Delicious and freshly made fried youtiao.

Savory glutinous rice cake, with pork floss and preserved radish on the inside.

I think this marks the beginning of my Geyland food adventure. Also, I am now all the more excited for the true and authentic Taiwanese food when I visit Taipei in December. 🙂 

Yummy thoughts running wild in my head.

A Lovely Japanese Treat From Bruce.

November 20, 2008

A while back, my dear friend Bruce and I caught up over a Japanese dinner at Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar, Raffles City. I had my favourite Sashimi and Cold-Soba. I’ll rate it an overall 4 over 5 stars

Cold-Soba, great for a meal on a hot day.

Fish at its best state, raw.

Thanks for the treat Bruce! 🙂

Poached Eggs, Hash, New York City Jazz.

September 9, 2008

I am craving some good brunch and world class jazz music. I am also craving to return to New York City; be it with company or alone. 

Blue Note was the place to be for all that jazz, for just USD35. It was their special brunch sunday. It was real special to me indeed.

*Thinking fondly of last December.

Cafe’ Cartel’s Food Standard Has Dropped.

June 3, 2008

On the last day of my finance exams last friday, my friends and I went to have a celebratory lunch at Raffles City’s Cafe‘ Cartel. The restaurant is blessed that since it was the last day of exams, my review of them might be worse.

Service: 3 over 5 stars.
The waitress brought us our knifes after we asked for it. Other than that, nothing else special for the now 10% service charge that was not payable before. 

Food: 1.5 over 5 stars
Bad. My pasta was served, almost gliding off the plate. My friend’s fish portion was too little (as a small eater, she had managed to finish it). The bread was as tough as stone at the corners. The soup was so watery.

My chicken spaghetti. Too much, a little undercooked, and too tasteless. Even after adding much chilli-flakes, it still remained tasteless. 

My friend’s fish dish. It tasted pretty all right, but as mentioned it was too small a portion.

Our dessert: ice cream in a pack. haha what a joke! But I thought this was the best part of the meal – because it’s hard to go wrong with something packaged and the rest of the dishes were pretty horrid.

But the company was fabulous, Cafe’ Cartel’s got these 3 to thank.
Michelle and Helmi! 🙂

Routing and I.

🙂 2 more weeks of school break till my next 5-month sprint! I am looking forward to making more new friends. 

Cheap Japanese Food At Ang Mo Kio Central.

April 17, 2008

Sumo House is a air-conditioned Japanese eatery at Ang Mo Kio Central. Its cheapest dish, the Katsu-Don costs a mere S$3.05 after tax. Lishan and I went there for dinner yesterday and we both had the TempuraUdon and shared some fried scallops. It had cost us each a little over S$6 each and we were provided with a free flow of hot green tea.

The fried scallops drizzled with mayonnaise.
Rated 2.8 over 5 stars.

My bowl of Tempura-Udon.
Rated 2 over 5 stars. The tempura was soaked in the soup and it became soggy in about 3 minutes. It came with only 2 prawns.

Here’s me slurping up my udon. I’m so diggin’ my new haircut, I missed my bangs so here I am with bangs again!

I only recommend you to eat at Sumo House if you’re starving, feeling hot and unwilling to spend much on your meal.

Sakae Sushi @ Wheelock.

March 22, 2008

I visited this branch of Sakae Sushi last night with my boyfriend for the first time. It wasn’t unusual to see a long queue outside and since we had some time to kill before our movie, we joined the queue.

This outlet was unique from others due to its spaciousness and plush chairs. It really had a “tucked away” ambiance. I rate my entire experience a 1.5 over 5 stars.

Why did I rate them so low?
– The food decoration was inconsistent
– The food did not look fresh
– The red premium plates claimed a drop in price to S$4.90 but the portions had also reduced
– I love Japanese food so perhaps I am harder to please

Sakae Sushi had other not so pleasant comments at Hungry Go Where too.

Bak Chor Mee Is One Of My Favourite Foods.

March 20, 2008

An Update:

Today (22 March), I realised that the Bak Chor Mee at “S-11 Serangoon Central Food House” (map) is very tasty! I rate it 4.1 over 5 stars. Here is the exact address:

Block 261 

Serangoon Central Drive



😀 This time, I remembered to take a photo.


While I was on a site visit today, I decided to eat my lunch at G23 Food Centre (Fansida Building) located near Aljunied MRT (the local train service).

It is about a five minute walk away from the MRT.

This is how a typical hawker centre in Singapore would look like.

I ordered a bowl of Bak Chor Mee from “Ali Shan Noodle House”. I did not manage to take a photo as I was too hungry to remember. 😉 I rate the noodles a 1.6 over 5 stars.

For me, there was too much ketchup and the lack of flavour from the chilli. There was too much lard and there were no meatballs! Meatballs are the main reason for me when it comes to eating Bak Chor Mee, I was therefore very disappointed.

The stall’s saving grace is their server Uncle, who was a pretty peculiar chap. He cracked me up when he asked if my Fuji Finepix F31 camera (which was sitting on the table) was the latest Nokia N95 phone. It totally brightened up my afternoon. 😀

If you really want some good Bak Chor Mee, take a look at this list. I will be tracking them down real soon.

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream.

March 13, 2008

Although it is considered pretty cold (24°C) in Singapore right now, I am still craving for Cold Stone Creamery‘s ice cream. What am I talking about? I was craving it even when it was snowing in New York City last December!

Why can’t they have this delicious ice cream here in Singapore? I don’t seem to recall any ice cream parlour in Singapore operating with the Cold Stone concept, of literally mixing ice cream with ingredients on a cold slab of stone.

I just had an extremely heavy lunch before visiting Cold Stone, and yet it was no problem savouring my strawberry mixed with cookie dough.

But as you can see, there were two spoons in this bowl of ice cream. I had to share it with a friend. Our female Asian tummies can only handle that much food.

A Choice Of Fast Food During A Busy School Term.

March 6, 2008

It is a super hectic week in school. Hence, the frequent food solution for my friends and I would be fast food. Since Raffles City is on the way to school from the train station, it is very convenient for us to simply grab some fast food and rush to classes and project meetings right after.

Here are my favourite fast food haunts at Raffles City:

MOS Burger 
I love the fish burger and milk tea.

Burger King 
I save some money here as the student meal costs only S$4+.

My favourite is their steak and cheese, on honey oat bread, with all vegetables except jalapenos, drizzled with southwest and honey-mustard, and sprinkled with pepper. Yum-O! 🙂
Cheese Steak

What is your favourite fast food joint where you’re at? I really enjoyed Wendy’s when I was at New York City, although their portions were too huge for an Asian girl to handle.