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McDonald’s McCafe in Singapore has launched on deal on Groupon! :)

December 6, 2011

Grab it today guys…

Disclaimer: McDonald’s is an existing merchant of Groupon Singapore, where I am currently employed.


My Stay-cation, A Day As A Tourist In Singapore.

May 19, 2011

It was a great day this Tuesday.

My friend’s Korean colleagues were here to visit and we were their guides for a day (or at least we tried to be good ones :P).

We first brought them to Chinatown for some ‘dim-sum’ – Chinese dishes that are served in small portions, which can be very filling. Then we flagged down a cab to Orchard for some SHOPPING! The Koreans love Charles & Keith. 😉

After shopping, we headed to Marina Bay Sands’ Skypark, up above the world at the 56th floor. I loved the view here. It was also my first time up there. Thank God for a glorious sky with no rain.

We then walked to the Esplanade (worked up a huge appetite by this time) for some seafood at ‘No Signboard Seafood.’ Yummy food I tell you – although a tad expensive.

And you thought we had enough to eat? We headed to the basement of Raffles City for some Hong Kong dessert! Durian mua-ji (bouncy textured skin wrapped over durian) and Mango-sago with ice. Yums.

Goodbyes, back to the hotel, back to life. Hope to head to Korea soon to see Hye Yong and Sun Yong! Take care ladies.

Hope you enjoy the photos below; click on them for a close up view. 🙂


Food In China, Through The Eyes Of Jeremy Ang.

January 14, 2011

My friend Jeremy has so kindly agreed to do a little food-photo exhibition here on my blog. I hope you’d enjoy his photos; his take on China’s food – which could either intrigue you or leave a bad taste in your mouth. 😉 So be warned before you proceed to scroll down any further.

“Situated next to the Great Wall museum at Badaling, the la-mian shop offers a refreshing, warm broth to the chilly Great Wall weather.”

“Fried Starfish. One of the many quirky street food sold just ten minutes away from the Wangfujing subway station.”

“Sea-horse on a stick. You won’t find this anywhere else. Wangfujing station.”

“When I heard that the Chinese eats anything that crawls, they weren’t kidding. Insect feast galore! Wangfujing station.”

(The next photo is not related to food but I couldn’t resist putting this photo in :P)

“A native Yunnan boy. Cute; the day he first met his dog.”

“Ah.. Had this in Yunnan. The dish in the middle is beer-fish. A definite must try in Western China.”

Are you now inspired to go to China to try these out for yourself (not the boy please)? 😉

Old Town White Coffee.

January 6, 2011

The pleasures of being on leave. Hot coffee. Cold outside. People watch. iPod.


Nothing Really Beats Taiwan’s Bubble Tea.

January 20, 2009

The tea taste was so lovely, especially when it was cold outdoor. In contrast, the Singapore bubble tea is, more often than not, just sugared water with a hint of tea.

Here’s me and my favourite red-tea, waiting for the shops at Wufenpu to open.

Seah Street Deli.

December 19, 2008

This beautiful deli is situated at Raffles Hotel, at the corner just across Seah Street. Moses and I went there for one of his favourite cakes: The Chocolate Decadent Cake. I assure you, it is not for the faint hearted and you’ve got to really be in the appetite for super rich chocolate. It was such as huge slice at S$14 (inclusive of taxes and service charge).

Check it out.

What I love about this place most is its ambience. The way it makes me feel like I’ve escaped back to New York City (where delis are plenty), in the winter (strong air-conditioning inside) and enjoying some good American soul food (large portions). Moses and I found it queer that these two men finished up their main courses and left, while we were still struggling to finish our chocolate cake. 🙂

And I was pleased with this jukebox standing at one corner. I love things of the good ol’ days.

*Dances to “Let’s Stay Together” in my head.

I’m…Dreaming Of A White…Christmas…

December 9, 2008

I just want to share with my beloved readers my first encounter with piles of snow, while I was in Wachusett Mountain last December.  

And of course, my first snow angel in the making. 🙂

I was so happy that day.

Chicken Rice Opposite St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

December 8, 2008

Some pretty decent chicken rice that is priced at only S$3.50 opposite City Hall MRT Station. (Near Breadtalk

I chose to eat chicken chop rice instead of the usual chicken rice, with loads of sweet black sauce added on the rice. What you see here is just the first drizzle. 😛

My friends and I shared some fried tofu on the side as well, not too bad I must say.

A great place for a no-fuss and cheap Chinese meal in Singapore.

Cupcake Decoration Craving.

December 6, 2008

I love coming up with new ideas for designing my cupcakes, am hoping to get some good ones this Christmas. 

This brings back memories to my past cupcake ‘projects’.

Here’s an entire cupcake garden-themed cake that two other girlfriends and I had created for a friend’s birthday. Can you see the rainbow, clouds, bees, butterflies, flowers and the earth? 🙂 I really enjoyed making this one.

Another pink-themed cupcake decoration day with my girlfriends. 🙂

This was one chocolate-frosted for my friend Louis. 

Think Amsie think!

My Nominations For The 2008 Edublog Awards.

November 27, 2008

The 2008 Edublog Awards nominations have begun and I’m going to nominate the Social Media & PR across Asia wiki to win in the “best educational wiki” category. 🙂 

Like how my professor Michael Netzley puts it, it is a great site for a Swedish businessman in Singapore who wants to find out more about communications in China, etc. The best part is that it was put together by students and I’ve gotten feedback on how useful it is to business practitioners.