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Donut Birthday “Cake”.

December 7, 2008

Since my friend Brenda can have a pizza birthday cake, why not a donut birthday cake for someone else right? I tell you, I have bizarre friends, hence bizarre cake ‘types’. Haha 🙂 

Here’s my dear Calin and her birthday donuts. This was shared with another birthday girl Priscilla, who is not in the photo.

As you can see the donuts were arranged in a happy sweet “16” figure, but can you guess Calin’s real age with the candles? 😛 (No prizes for those who guess correctly.)


Pizza Birthday “Cake”.

September 25, 2008

I am thinking fondly of Brenda, who is on her exchange programme in Taipei. This was her surprise birthday “cake” last year, which was obviously not a cake but a pizza. Whoever said we needed to have a cake during a birthday celebration? Why not candles on pizza? 🙂

I cannot wait till my ‘graduation trip’ in December to Taipei, when I can see this woman again. 

Till then Brenda Panda!

McDelivery Your McGriddles Breakfast.

April 12, 2008

McDonald’s has finally started to market the arrival of their halal McGriddles burger in Singapore. This was done through their McDelivery website and through a TV commercial (can’t seem to find it off YouTube yet). So now, you no longer need to feel insecure when you want to order this burger. 🙂


I learned from Brenda that a lot of the boys in my school are crazy over the McGriddles burger. One of them have no problem dipping this sweet and savoury burger into chilli sauce; which I totally cannot come to terms with. I’ve even got a classmate who ate 3 burgers the moment he had learned of it arriving in Singapore. You can read more about my review on the McGriddles burger here.

Whatever your verdict is on the McGriddles, its always good to have something new on the tried and tested McDonald’s menu. 🙂

Crazy Amount Of Food For 3 Girls.

April 2, 2008

Two of my girlfriends came over on Monday evening for a home-cooked meal, after much talk about my helper who cooks so well. We came home to this large spread of food on my dining table, which we almost manage to finish.

Here’s Lishan slurping up some soup.

After dinner, we had a great time chatting and laughing. This sure is a good break from a hectic schedule in school.