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Guest Blogger Special: Daryl’s Montreal Poutine Adventure.

September 22, 2008

So I’m doing a food review (for the first time!) for, and since I’m in Montreal, I’ve decided to find a food that is supposed to taste best from here, and that’s poutine

Poutine is essentially fries, cheese and gravy mixed together. Which is fine if you’re a fan of all three ingredients, but it happens that I’m not a fan of cheese. But just as Amelia wouldn’t let personal taste preference get in the way of great food reviews, I decided to brave it anyway!

Research at Montreal Poutine led me to 4177 Boulevard St. Laurent at a place called Patati Patata, which has the review “If you have only one poutine in Montreal, this should be it”. So a short cab ride later I was at the place, with the following video:

The shop.

The taste-test.

Overall, I finished almost ¾ of that bowl (yes, including the cheese), which is really a testament to how good it tasted. I can imagine to a person who likes cheese, this meal would be awesome. The texture of the cheese curds from Patati Patata was the best part: not too soft and not too hard as well, hence making it real easy to go down.

While I don’t see myself eating a lot of poutine, I can say it tasted good enough for everyone who visits Canada to at least try it once. Just make it at a store rated highly!


Find out more about Daryl here. Thanks for doing this D, sorry for the late link, I plain forgot!


Goodbye Frujch.

April 4, 2008

Today is frujch‘s last day of operation and it ain’t because of bad business. The students of this SMU student-run-cafe are graduating (my seniors) and I’m going to miss them and the food so much. 😦 Especially so for Nabilah and the ‘Rosemary Me?’ grilled sandwich.

The worse part is, I could not make it down for tonight’s farewell party because of a busy schedule. However, I will be at frujch next friday for an unofficial last visit – Pecha Kucha Night. Daryl will be presenting then, can’t wait. 🙂

Social Media Breakfast At SMU.

March 29, 2008

I had a good time at today’s Social Media Breakfast event, held at SMU‘s student-managed cafe frujch. This purpose of this event was for fellow bloggers to get together and mingle.

And at breakfast, there were of course food.

We enjoyed sandwiches, chocolate cake and carrot cake.

Thanks to the organisers Daryl, Derrick and Sheylara for making this happen.