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Home Made Bentos.

February 18, 2008

Source: Bento Boy Here Post

During my summer job in 2007, I was bento-crazed for a little while. I did not venture far into decorating my bento meals. However I was so into a ‘balanced diet’ that I always had at least one serving of fruit in my bento-meals. Sometimes I would top up these meals with something nice from the canteen where I was working. In addition, I would eat these meals throughout the day and not at one go. Yes, I was a health freak once.

Example 1: I made spaghetti, fried vegetables and a ham sandwich between slices of wholemeal bread. There was also a serving of watermelon.

Example 2: I packed a banana, mango jelly, fresh longan, a ham sandwich with lettuce and some fried potato wedges from one of the canteen stalls.

If you’re interested in reading more about bentos, here are 3 sites to start you off:
1. Cooking Cute (Although not recently updated, the designs here are pretty neat)
2. Lunch in a Box
3. Bento Yum

If I were to be crazy about bentos again, I’ll be sure to get myself one of these from Plastica.

Here’s a photo from Bento Business, it is so inspirational. Gosh, all that patience just to decorate food, this is what I call food art. Perhaps, it is mostly women who are capable of such an art. 😉

Instant Home Made Roti Prata.

February 10, 2008

There is a general misconception that Roti Prata is a dish from India. In actual fact, the Roti Prata is a Singaporean creation that had evolved from the Indian Paratha, which is made out of ghee, egg, flour and water. Roti means “bread” and Prata means “flat” in Hindi. I first knew this from the exchange students from India.

I was on a Roti Prata craze ever since I got back from New York City on Christmas Eve last year. And the craving didn’t go away till about 3 weeks after that. I kept having instant Roti Prata instead of those I could buy at food stalls outside. Whenever I wanted one, I could just pop it out of the freezer and onto a hot pan. Fry it with butter or any other ingredients I want, and viola it is ready to be eaten.

This is how it looks like when you buy it from the supermarket. This Roti Prata is from Chinatown Food. There are many additional brands to choose from.

Here are some photos I took of a “Love Asia” Christmas party we had in 2007, which included Roti Prata.

Here is one Roti Prata sizzling on a pan. Add butter to this and it becomes tastier.

A pot of curry to accompany the Roti Prata, for dipping purposes.

However, I was more in the mood for dipping my Roti Prata in caster sugar.

This instant dish is so versatile. If you like, you could add cheese, egg, chicken, beef, mutton to it…the list goes on. Roti Prata goes so well with Teh Tarik, a delicious type of tea. Sigh, the simple pleasures in life.