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Who Says One Cannot Eat Ice Cream During Winter?

September 11, 2008

This has got to be one of the best ice cream eateries in New York City’s Chinatown in terms of its variety of flavours. We were freezing but some things were not to be missed – good ice cream during winter included!

I think these smiling kids think so too. They’re both so incredibly adorable! Of course, I had asked for permission from their parents before I took this shot. 🙂

Food Photography Tips, Part V.

February 28, 2008

Part V – Lighting

Today I’ll be covering Textures & What to do when you want to photograph in a badly lit room.

1. Textures

You have to first ask yourself – do you prefer to emphasize or de-emphasize the texture of your food or dish? To me, I would always try my utmost best to emphasize the texture of food. This is especially so in the case of ice cream photography, when it is necessary to capture its texture. Notice the difference between the two ice cream photographs below and how it shows viewers that they are two very different types of ice cream.

It is clear that this is a cream based ice cream, as you can tell from its swirls and ‘heavy’ texture – that holds the chocolate rice and nuts in place.

You can tell that this is a fruit sherbet because it doesn’t look like it included as much cream as the ice cream above. All this is possible simply by looking at the texture of the ice cream. If you want people to know that this is a raspberry flavoured sherbet, you could add some raspberry fruit around or in the glass bowl.

Source: Wikipedia Ice cream

2. What to do when you want to photograph in a badly lit room

I tried my best to draw a diagram out for all of you, to picture exactly what to do if you want to photograph in a dark area. For example, a romantic and dark restaurant. Many thanks to Kejie for drawing this out on the board for the class to see.

Even when a room is dark, never use flash directly on food. If you’re in a restaurant, try your best to request for a window seat. If that isn’t possible, try this method below.

The Napkin Method

Get your friend (or waiter, haha) to hold up a napkin (preferably white) in that angle as shown above. Face your camera towards your food and use your hand to block the flash light of your camera away from the food. Instead, angle your hand so the flash light will bounce off the napkin and reflect softly onto your food. You will hence prevent a harsh flash light on your food.

Well this comes to the end of my “Food Photography Tips Series”, I hope there was a lesson or two for my beloved readers in these posts.

Here are some great sites about food photography and food photographs. I hope this would help inspire you to keep improving your food photography skills. Enjoy!
Still life with

Let me know if there are other great sites. 😀

My Top 3 Restaurant Suggestions for Valentine’s Day in Singapore.

February 12, 2008

I hope this is not too late, for those of you who plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in just two days. Perhaps this might be a good last minute suggestion for frantic love birds out there, searching for a place to dine with that someone special.

These are top 3 on my list not only because of its amazing food and service, but also because of the memories that I’ve forged there on previous occasions. The 3 top restaurant suggestions for Valentine’s Day would be Harry’s @ Holland Village, Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant and Corduroy & Finch.

1. Harry’s @ Holland Village
27 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Tel: 6467 4222

I first went to Harry’s @ Holland Village only because of my friend Derrick, who performs live every Thursday or Friday nights, 9:30pm at Harry’s. It’s a great place to be if both you and your partner love music coupled with an energetic crowd (of mostly expatriates). I tried their Fish and Chips, it was excellent. I never fail to have fun whenever I go to Harry’s @ Holland Village. I rate them an overall 4 over 5 Stars.

2. Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant
5 Koek Road
#04-05 Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 6734 2492

Unfortunately, I could not find any photos of this place and I didn’t take many photos when I was there. My boyfriend brought me here for my birthday last year. He told the chef to surprise me with a “birthday day ice cream creation”. The service here is top notch. It was a perfect evening filled with smiles and great food. The foie gras, BBQ beef and garlic rice were superb. Even the BBQ corn was out of this world. Most importantly, it is a really intimate place and it has a very authentic and romantic aura to it. I rate them an overall 5 over 5 Stars.

3. Corduroy & Finch
779 Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6762 0131

The food is great and they serve desserts like “Handsome Strawberries” – which are actually strawberries dipped in chocolate that look like tuxedos. Most important of all, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our Valentine’s Day at Corduroy & Finch. I am really looking forward to that. For now, I rate them an overall 4.5 over 5 Stars. Let’s see if their ratings improve after the 14th of February.