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The Pink Tea Cup Restaurant.

September 21, 2008

One of my favourite dinners in New York City with eight lovely people. The Pink Tea Cup is the place to be for awesome fried chicken for the soul, all american food at a cosy corner tucked away from the busy city.

It had a romantic vibe to it. Soft music from the likes of Babyface, Mariah Carey, Whitney Housten, and our friendly waiter who sang darn well – what is there not to love about this place?

Here is Michelle and I before entering the restaurant, it wasn’t too cold a night that December in 2007 – perhaps three to four degrees celsius. But we were hungry.

The real sweet lil place has met with us.

All nice and warm inside – until people opened and closed the door that was near our table that allowed gushes of cold air in.

We ate a lot. I’ll allow the photos to speak for themselves.

Soup or salad for starters.

Chicken with a choice of two sides.

Delicious corn bread filled with buttery goodness.

And we all thought that this jello with whipped cream would end off our dinner, we were wrong.

Mister Ha then ordered a cream cake.

XM’s pancakes were amazing!

And then our pudding arrived. (burp) We were already so full but it was too delicious to ignore.

We then headed down to Cafe Wha to groove our extreme overdose of calories away.

Who Says One Cannot Eat Ice Cream During Winter?

September 11, 2008

This has got to be one of the best ice cream eateries in New York City’s Chinatown in terms of its variety of flavours. We were freezing but some things were not to be missed – good ice cream during winter included!

I think these smiling kids think so too. They’re both so incredibly adorable! Of course, I had asked for permission from their parents before I took this shot. 🙂

Poached Eggs, Hash, New York City Jazz.

September 9, 2008

I am craving some good brunch and world class jazz music. I am also craving to return to New York City; be it with company or alone. 

Blue Note was the place to be for all that jazz, for just USD35. It was their special brunch sunday. It was real special to me indeed.

*Thinking fondly of last December.

Instant Home Made Roti Prata.

February 10, 2008

There is a general misconception that Roti Prata is a dish from India. In actual fact, the Roti Prata is a Singaporean creation that had evolved from the Indian Paratha, which is made out of ghee, egg, flour and water. Roti means “bread” and Prata means “flat” in Hindi. I first knew this from the exchange students from India.

I was on a Roti Prata craze ever since I got back from New York City on Christmas Eve last year. And the craving didn’t go away till about 3 weeks after that. I kept having instant Roti Prata instead of those I could buy at food stalls outside. Whenever I wanted one, I could just pop it out of the freezer and onto a hot pan. Fry it with butter or any other ingredients I want, and viola it is ready to be eaten.

This is how it looks like when you buy it from the supermarket. This Roti Prata is from Chinatown Food. There are many additional brands to choose from.

Here are some photos I took of a “Love Asia” Christmas party we had in 2007, which included Roti Prata.

Here is one Roti Prata sizzling on a pan. Add butter to this and it becomes tastier.

A pot of curry to accompany the Roti Prata, for dipping purposes.

However, I was more in the mood for dipping my Roti Prata in caster sugar.

This instant dish is so versatile. If you like, you could add cheese, egg, chicken, beef, mutton to it…the list goes on. Roti Prata goes so well with Teh Tarik, a delicious type of tea. Sigh, the simple pleasures in life.

Singaporeans only miss their food when they can’t have it.

February 1, 2008

There is anecdotal evidence that will support this claim: SMU students would always complain about the lack of food variety we have in campus.

When my friends Nicole and Daphne returned from their exchange at Copenhagen, the three of us met up in school. The both of them told me at different instances that they missed the food at our campus’ Kopitiam. Hah!

My other friend XM confirmed my observation as well. Ever since our trip to New York City last December, she hasn’t been back to school often. So when we met up at Kopitiam today, she too commented that she missed the food! She found her craving rather queer, but soon dismissed it and headed to the Teppanyaki Stall for her “Fried chicken with rice wrapped in omelette”. Let’s bid XM goodbye as she will be leaving for her exchange to France in just over a week. *waves*

I too am a guilty goat. I missed the food in Singapore so much while I was in New York City that I kept running to Chinatown for Asian food! My favourite and most recommended place would be Nyonya. I beg you to try their prawn noodle soup, even my professor recommends it.