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Home Made Bentos.

February 18, 2008

Source: Bento Boy Here Post

During my summer job in 2007, I was bento-crazed for a little while. I did not venture far into decorating my bento meals. However I was so into a ‘balanced diet’ that I always had at least one serving of fruit in my bento-meals. Sometimes I would top up these meals with something nice from the canteen where I was working. In addition, I would eat these meals throughout the day and not at one go. Yes, I was a health freak once.

Example 1: I made spaghetti, fried vegetables and a ham sandwich between slices of wholemeal bread. There was also a serving of watermelon.

Example 2: I packed a banana, mango jelly, fresh longan, a ham sandwich with lettuce and some fried potato wedges from one of the canteen stalls.

If you’re interested in reading more about bentos, here are 3 sites to start you off:
1. Cooking Cute (Although not recently updated, the designs here are pretty neat)
2. Lunch in a Box
3. Bento Yum

If I were to be crazy about bentos again, I’ll be sure to get myself one of these from Plastica.

Here’s a photo from Bento Business, it is so inspirational. Gosh, all that patience just to decorate food, this is what I call food art. Perhaps, it is mostly women who are capable of such an art. 😉