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Creative Cupcake Designs.

March 5, 2008

I found these gorgeous photos on flickr. It is incredibly inspiring. I love how we can design cupcakes to suit an occasion. Most of the time I would bake cupcakes for my friends birthdays. I like getting creative with these. 😀

Uploaded by Rakka
I love these mushrooms from mario!

Uploaded by frippy
“Arrrr haija! Pirates and Ninjas are a cool theme for a little boy’s party.

Uploaded by kylie lambert (Le Cupcake-Australia)
This is so creative and classy, combining a whole cake with other pretty little cupcake beauties.

Uploaded by PinkCakeBox
One word: awesome! 🙂 It is a little troublesome to be able to get the colours on the icing right, but it does look like it was worth the while.

I am so itching to decorate cupcakes now. *scratches.