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Electrical versus Convection Ovens.

February 1, 2008

In Singapore, it is not typical for every household to own a convection oven such as this one (shown below) from GE Appliances. In my opinion, Singaporeans in general do not have a culture of baking or cooking using such an oven. It may even be considered as a liability in a home, unless there is a member of the family who loves to bake since she was 14!

I sulked for 9 years without any oven at all, and could only bake when I attended my Food & Nutrition classes in Secondary School – until it was my 23rd birthday! I got this (tiny) electrical oven as a gift.


Although this oven cannot bake large cakes or portions at one go, it has served me well. However, I would still want to upgrade to a convection oven when I move to another place in the middle of this year. If there is anyone out there who is willing to share with me their woes (or satisfaction) with an electrical oven, I’m here to listen.

 p/s: Any suggestion for a particular brand of convection oven I should look out for (that isn’t too expensive)?