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Thailand’s Mango Sticky Rice.

July 1, 2008

There’s not much I can say in this post but…eating this was like heaven on earth. I love the combination of fresh and sweet mangos and slightly savoury sticky rice. Mmmm…


Thai Food At Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok.

May 8, 2008

I am back and I miss you all so much. 🙂 Although I’ve got a quiz tomorrow, I decided that it’s about time I shall stop being lazy and blog about the food enjoyed during my Bangkok trip.

On the first day, the boyfriend and I headed straight to Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall – a shopping paradise in Bangkok. And as if that isn’t good enough, the food at its level 6 food centre is pretty impressive in terms of delicious food and a wide variety to choose from.

A view from my seat.

What I ate: A really delicious bowl of duck noodle soup. Mmmmm…

What he ate: Phad Thai, with chili-flakes, crushed peanuts and sugar – the way the Thais eat it. He really enjoyed this dish.

He also drank some incredibly sweet and milky Thai iced-tea.

The serving of Thai food is very small, which fits me just fine. Also, I love how each table would have its own free napkins. It really came in handy during my “flu-ing” days in Bangkok, heh. 🙂

Off To Bangkok For 5 Days.

April 23, 2008

Hey all, I’d be going on a holiday to Bangkok Thailand, which means heaps of delicious food and plenty of shopping. I can’t wait to share my experiences with every one. 🙂

I’m leaving tomorrow and will be back on Monday. Woohoo! 😀


My Bangkok Trip This April.

March 24, 2008

Although I am still a month away from the end of my current school term, all I can think about now is my Bangkok trip that is happening on the 24th of April.

The land of smiles, the Thai food in Bangkok, the shopping, the massages and pedicures! I am feeling very enthusiastic about it right now. 😀

Food that I am looking forward to eat/drink include:
1. Pad Thai
2. Thai beef noodles with innards and meatballs
3. Street orange juice (this is very unique, according to Brenda who is my half-Thai classmate)
4. Mango sticky rice
5. Tom Yum soup

Source: Wikipedia Tom Yum

Mmmmm…I am drooling right now. 😛