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Home-Cooked Saturday Dinners.

October 22, 2009

Every Saturday’s spent with great food, great company with my family and well, the usual Taiwanese drama on TV. It’s what we call our Saturday culture.

Family time together should never be neglected. We come together coz of food? Or is food the reason we come together? I’d choose the latter.


I love close up shots of my food. Makes me feel close enough to smell it. *sniffs*


Cameron Highlands’ Fresh Produce.

March 30, 2008

My helper cooked a stir-fried cabbage dish this morning and it was good. However, nothing can really beat the vegetables I’ve tasted at Cameron Highlands last year. The vegetables there were fresh, crunchy and sweet. In addition, the strawberries were so plump and juicy.

Here’re some photos from the trip.

Check out the colours on these.

Honestly it wasn’t that much fun travelling up and down the steep slope to Cameron Highlands in a bus, but these fresh produce sure made it more worthwhile.

Would You Dare To Eat This?

March 12, 2008

Till today, this photo of worms still makes me feel sick. I cannot believe ever using this ‘ingredient’ to cook deliberately. I took this photo during my trip to Cameron Highlands last year at a vegetable farm.

I was totally disgusted as the sight of these worms had brought back memories of a very unpleasant event that took place about five years ago.

I was eating a packet of rice that had vegetables in it. After I was about halfway done with it, I realised that there was a large worm (about 3 cm long and 3/4 cm thick) hidden amongst the vegetables. I almost puked. 😦 I then ran to the toilet and gargled for a good 10 minutes. I wish for none of you to ever experience this, ew.